Workshop "Wisdom of the Heart"

Daniela Ancira, June 28, 2017

Taller "Sabiduría del Corazón"

Last April 2017, a group of therapists and life coaches, volunteers from La Cana, began the "Wisdom of the Heart" workshop in the Barrientos prison, State of Mexico.

This project aims to teach women in prison to meditate, that is, to find spaces of inner silence.
In this workshop you will learn to go to the space of the heart, where your wisdom is. Living in the heart is the beginning of true freedom

They will teach them to recognize their inner world, to become familiar with the different dialogues and to recognize the intelligence felt in the heart.

In this way they will begin the true path to their freedom.
It is a program that we are planning, disseminating it in different penitentiary centers.

This team is made up of Lourdes Rubín, Janet Roldan, Erika Ballesteros, Laura Sánchez, Regina Álvarez, Pilar Santisteban, Lilian Kuri, and Silvia Salomón.