Prisons that Reinsert

The "Prisons that Reinsert" program seeks to support women deprived of liberty in their process of comprehensive development and social reintegration through three axes of intervention: Job Training, Mental Health and Education, Art, Culture and Sports.

This program is dedicated to promoting and strengthening psychosocial and occupational skills and competencies through the delivery of workshops and training within prison. Our goal is to provide women with the essential tools to address the demands and needs that arise during their reintegration process, thus facilitating their comprehensive development.

We work in 8 penitentiary centers: Barrientos, Nezahualcóyotl Bordo, Nezahualcóyotl Sur, Chalco, Ecatepec, Texcoco and Santiaguito in the State of Mexico, and Santa Martha Acatitla in Mexico City.

Job training

We train women deprived of liberty in different jobs, through various workshops that are taught in person in the penitentiary centers where we work. During these sessions, we provide them with knowledge from the most basic of each technique, to the creation and execution of their own designs. Our goal is to reduce the rate of criminal recidivism by providing them with a source of income that encourages their financial independence.

Mental health

From the Mental Health axis we seek to promote the development and implementation of psychosocial skills that promote the emotional well-being and mental health of women. We focus on providing tools, through workshops that are useful to prevent, detect and resolve problems related to gender violence and address other mental health issues such as: self-esteem, sexual and reproductive health, trauma processing, addictions, coping skills. life, anxiety, among others.

This axis seeks to promote the personal well-being of beneficiary women through interventions that promote the questioning of their personal and social resources. This is so that they can have more assertive interpersonal relationships, decide new ways of relating to themselves and other people, as well as make life in prison more bearable and prepare to assertively face the challenges of life in freedom. .

Education, Art, Culture and Sports

This axis aims to encourage participating women to develop, strengthen and put into practice life skills and psychosocial competencies that favor their learning, creative expression, self-knowledge, co-responsibility with their environment and the improvement of their interpersonal relationships by At the same time we contribute to reducing stress and anxiety levels. This, through theoretical-practical workshops and educational activities that promote interest and development in different disciplines.

Our Figures

More than 4,220 women have participated in our “Prisons that Reinsert” program.

During 2023 we managed to train more than 570 women in some trade.


  • 85%

    The participating women consider that these helped them strengthen their own learning and personal growth.

  • 60%

    60% of the women who participated in our job training workshops found a job, of which 42% were self-employed, 37% joined the La Cana production area and 25% were employed in some other activity or workshop. inside prison.

  • 84%

    84% of the women who found a job increased their economic income and 63% of them gave part of their income to their family members.

  • 75%

    75% of the participants in our workshops decreased their anxiety levels.

  • 64%

    64% increased their emotional regulation, in order to reduce experiential aspects of negative emotions.

  • 58%

    58% decreased their gender stereotypes, which allows them to identify and break cycles of violence.

  • 64%

    64% of women increased their resilience, which improves their ability to overcome adverse situations and face trauma.