Freedom Program

Number of Freedoms


With the aim of reducing overcrowding in the country's prisons and providing access to adequate defense to women deprived of their liberty, in May 2021 La Cana launched the Libertad Project.

This is a strategic work axis

Through which we provide legal advice and representation to various women who may be candidates for some pre-liberation benefit, the Amnesty Law, or who simply did not have an adequate defense.

Almost two years after its launch, 26 women have achieved their freedom, in addition, there are 2 reductions in sentences, 2 transfers from prisons, 4 defenses in process and 16 pre-liberation benefits in process, all thanks to the efforts already the work of those who make up Proyecto Libertad.

At La Cana we are convinced that betting on adequate defense for low-income women is betting on effective social reintegration and, therefore, is betting on a more peaceful Mexico without violence.

The work of Proyecto Libertad has some history that began with simple legal advice and the defense of some cases in alliance with legal firms that have trusted La Cana's work.

We present the Libertad Project

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