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Nuestros #ProductosConCausa son ideales para regalos de cumpleaños, bolos de bautizo, baby showers, eventos y regalos corporativos.

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Do you have a brand and would you like to collaborate with women in prison?
At La Cana we can help you with the weaving, embroidery, or assembly of your products! We ensure that your products are made in prison, with the best quality. Together we can provide more sources of employment and keep women away from crime.

Collaborate with us and help women in prison!
Like these brands, you can also generate a social impact with your company. Quote your special order to the email

Our Collaborations

Azul Jacinta

On October 18, 2019, we were present at the Huatika Pop Up, by designer Michelle Sandler, for the first time in CDMX together with We Are Knots, brands with which we collaborate with embroidery and macramé at the Ecatepec Reclusorio. Jessica, one of our beneficiaries, explained the importance of work in confinement.

Piccolo Spazio

La Colección con Piccolo es realizada por mujeres privadas de la libertad del Reclusorio de Ecatepec. Ellas elaboran regalos personalizados cómo los Dinos.


Our weavers from the Ecatepec prison embroider Hua Lingere garments, who make these products to provide women with comfort and beauty. Together they create timeless products with their own story.

Fardo Trueque de Té

It is an initiative that fights against child labor within the fashion industry with the production of stuffed animals, which are made by the inmates of the Santa Martha Acatitla Prison. Some of the fabrics used by Cats With a Heart are donated by different designers, encouraging the use of leftover fabrics and their waste.

Borda Pardinas

Social enterprise that produces yoga accessories made by women deprived of liberty, seeking to avoid so-called fast fashion (or mass production). At Zamna Yoga they like to experiment with materials, techniques and different disciplines to create unique products with the highest quality.

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