Artistic workshop for young inmates in the guardianship of minors.

Daniela Ancira, December 14, 2016

Taller artístico para jóvenes internas en el tutelar de menores.

Intercollegiate Dance

4 years ago, La Cana enrolled the inmates of the “Quinta del Bosque” Social Reintegration School for Adolescents in Zinacantepec, State of Mexico, in the Interschool Dance organized by the Valores Foundation, for groups of low-income young people, with the purpose of promoting diverse values ​​through dance.

The above was achieved by obtaining authorization from the Valores Foundation so that the members of the group could participate through a video in the Intercollegiate Dance, permission that was also granted by the Quinta del Bosque school.

With the help of some teachers and volunteers who went to the Quinta del Bosque school on Saturdays, the inmates made their own choreography, practicing it for months. Once the choreography was ready, all the teenagers made their costumes, which consisted of a mask with blue and purple colors, a white t-shirt with a star on the back, and jeans.

Finally, a group of producers went to the school to record the dance video so they could take it to the Valores Foundation on the day of the contest.

With all the effort of volunteers, but above all with the talent, commitment and perseverance of the teenagers from the Quinta del Bosque school, they won first place in their category.