Frida arrives in La Cana

Daniela Ancira, September 27, 2017

Frida llega a La Cana

The prisoners found out that there were puppies rescuing people and the next day they contacted Daniela to tell her that they could knit them, sell them and use those funds to help. That same day they already had a sample of what the stuffed animal would look like, they created it from what they were told since they do not have access to television.

“With this initiative you are not only donating, in exchange you receive a beautiful Frida that will remind you daily of the solidarity of Mexicans and the way in which that day EVERYONE, from dogs to people in prison, came together to rebuild our country. This tells us that wherever you are you can do your bit and help.” Daniela Ancira

All funds will be donated to Échale a Tu Casa because it is a project that the La Cana team knows personally and knows to be trustworthy. 100% of the money will be used to rebuild collapsed homes.

Source: Somos Gama "These Fridas were an initiative of the Barrientos dams to help the victims of the earthquake and they are EVERYTHING"