What do we do?

Daniela Ancira, February 07, 2016

¿Qué Hacemos?

LA CANA, PRODUCTOS CON CAUSA is a social project that aims to create job opportunities for women in prison with the aim of teaching them a trade in which they can be remunerated away from crime. We seek that upon obtaining their freedom, women have a job that allows them to obtain a legal income with which they can become a breadwinner for their families.

At LA CANA we believe that promoting work discipline among women deprived of liberty is the best way not only for them to stay busy while serving their sentence, but also for them to truly improve themselves by learning a trade to which they can dedicate themselves. upon leaving prison. We seek to ensure that these women avoid committing crimes again out of necessity, providing them with a source of income that allows them to be self-sufficient, and therefore, reduce the recidivism rate in our country.

To achieve the above, we teach in the women's section of the Barrientos prison, State of Mexico, a weaving and embroidery workshop that takes place weekly. In this workshop, we teach them from the most basics of weaving to how to make their own designs. We seek, through work, to promote among them various values ​​such as effort, commitment, discipline, perseverance and teamwork.

Subsequently, we sell the products handmade by the inmates and we give them the money from the sale. Of the income that inmates receive, 10% is withheld to pay for repairing the damage, and another 10% is allocated to a savings fund that is given to them when they are released. The rest is given to them personally to cover their expenses in prison and continue supporting their families.

The above not only benefits the inmates who work with us, but also society in general, since women having a job in which they can work when they leave prison prevents them from committing crimes again out of necessity, thus creating a safer society, and helping to reduce the rate of overcrowding and overcrowding in our prisons.

Furthermore, we believe that it is especially important to support women in prison since 85% of women deprived of liberty have children, which means that every day they spend in prison there is a boy or girl who does not have the education and care of her mother, so at LA CANA we believe that giving these women a second chance is the best way to become a more inclusive society, free of crime and with greater opportunities for a better future.